Head of Security

Address: Tole bi, 60, 2.5.329

Phone number: 8 (7262) 45-79-49





This provision is based on the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Security Activities", M.Kh. Dulaty Taraz State University (further TarSU), decisions of the administration and acts as a department of M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU and all issues of the performance of official duties are resolved through a supervised vice-rector with a subsequent report to the rector.

The provision comes into force from the date of approval. The security service presents an annual report on the work done at the administration of M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU.


The main goal of the security service (hereinafter the security service) is to create a system for protecting the interests of M.Kh.Dulaty TarSU from external and internal threats, ensuring its security, as well as protecting material and technical values, its facilities and their employees.

The main objectives of the department are:

  • • Supervision and control of discipline by employees, teachers and students over the safety of material and other values of M.Kh.Dulaty TarSU.
  • • Ensuring the protection of buildings, premises, equipment and technical means.
  • • Organization and provision of access control and intraobjective regime in the buildings and premises of M.Kh.Dulaty TarSU, the order of the security service, monitoring compliance with the requirements of the regime by employees and visitors;
  • • Ensuring the safety of employees, teachers and students in the territory of M.Kh.Dulaty TarSU;
  • • Ensuring order at events held by M.Kh.Dulaty TarSU (conferences, seminars, discos, KVN, etc.);
  • • The intersection of various kinds of offenses at M.Kh.Dulaty TarSU, in necessary cases, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, seizes stabbing, cutting, explosive, narcotic substances, as well as alcohol.

The security service is headed by the head of the security service.

The Head of the Security Service reports directly to the Vice-rector for administrative affairs.

Under the head of the Security Service, there is the position of Deputy Head of the Security Service.

The Security Service consists of daily posts, grouped.

The management of these groups is carried out by senior operational duty officers from among the above posts.

The selection of personnel of the Security Service is carried out by the head of the Security Service and the personnel department from among people who have reached the age of 19 years, who have served the army, former military personnel and operational law enforcement officers, who underwent a medical examination for suitability for work in the security service, who passed physical training standards for Security Service employees.

When hiring, a trial period of up to 3 months is established, based on the contract.

The remuneration of employees of the Security Service is made in accordance with the approved official salaries according to the staffing of the university.



  • Monitor students' compliance with the rules of conduct in educational buildings and in the territory of M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU.
  • • Organize and conduct official investigations into the thefts and thefts from protected objects and unauthorized intruders to enter the object.
  • • Check the availability of documents for exported material assets belonging to other organizations from the territory of M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU.
  • • Protect cash on the way and at the box office.
  • • Prescription of the security service is mandatory for all structural units of the university.
  • • In decisions of these and other tasks as directed by the leadership of M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU. Security Service must comply with the requirements of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


While serving, a security officer has the right:

  • • require university staff and visitors to present proof of identity;
  • • require employees and students to comply with the rules of public order and fire safety in the territory of M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU;
  • • require the material responsible person to properly place the facility under protection.


The employee must:

  • • protect property, industrial facilities and other values ​​of M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU;
  • • monitor compliance with public order and discipline on the territory of the university;
  • • ensure compliance with the access control system;
  • • constantly maintain the IT Security Services and communications;
  • • to be a model of consciousness, organization and culture, outwardly always to be clean and tidy;
  • • cultivate honesty, initiative and resourcefulness in the performance of official duties;
  • •unquestioningly follow the orders of the management of the Security Service, conscientiously fulfill the assigned duties;
  • • constantly work on improving the level of physical fitness;
  • • comply with the requirements of the QMS of the university.

Security Services is liable for objects and property entrusted to it, which are taken under protection in the established manner.

Require the materially responsible person to properly place the facility under protection.


 Security Services carries out its activities in close collaboration with other departments of M.Kh. Dulaty TarSU through gratuitous, mutual receipt and submission of information, joint solution of issues of coordination of educational, scientific, methodological, economic and other activities.